Ullus Partum Est Verum In Ipsum.

My poetry has no form, because like poetry, I am formless. Everything I am is changing at all times.... so in this mode, all my poetry is but a glimpse of a single moment, or feeling, or idea.
You are getting a snap shot into someones soul at any given moment. You are getting a peek at something that is already gone. Like old stars, we only see the light from something already altered. Like old stars poetry gives us a way to trace back feelings and connect..... on a very human level.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Careless Archers (LunaVega 2009)

ashes all over this desk
burning petals
sweet smoke
heeding to needless gesture
from my lamentations
undeveloped dreams
vigorously work themselves
to the surface
just dont know
how life got like this
but I will ride the tsunami
with no fear
contempt is gone from my heart
better to not walk with
the childish
the good books say
erase hurt and allow stains
to remind me of lessons
small scars
from pectoral rumors
dealings with the silent heart
wearing it on my sleeve
an easy target
for the worlds careless archers
reason was sound once
now it manifests like honey
slow to anger
its sensual tastes
poison to a hearty soul
arrows and stones
I will weather
till a equitable lover
makes himself known
and I will take off my armer
for him
and lend him my arm
so he may see my blue blood
running through out
and understand my honest intentions
leaving myself open for injury
with his possible perjury
I will wear but this thin cotton
to deter the vampuos nature
I will lend myself to fate
yet again offering my sanguine self
honest and forth-right
on that alter of the heart
including in my letters to god
heartfelt prayers of forgiveness
asking only growth and goodness
for great hearts whom stole my air
weakened my resolve
and left me in muerte

I will not give up so easily
on love

I will not give up so easily
on love

I will not
give up
so easily

on love

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