Ullus Partum Est Verum In Ipsum.

My poetry has no form, because like poetry, I am formless. Everything I am is changing at all times.... so in this mode, all my poetry is but a glimpse of a single moment, or feeling, or idea.
You are getting a snap shot into someones soul at any given moment. You are getting a peek at something that is already gone. Like old stars, we only see the light from something already altered. Like old stars poetry gives us a way to trace back feelings and connect..... on a very human level.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Damn It (LunaVega 2010) (Subject:Love)

Damn it
Iv done it again
let my heart out a little
now its exposed to the light
and it hisses and moans
because its kind of used
to being alone
and now he wants it back
and its like an attack
a panic that spreads
through my piston-like veins
when I think of the chance
we could be together again
Its a big chance
one that could hurt
one that could maim
one that could defame
the little flag called love
that bears his name

Damn it
Iv done it again
I can feel myself
opening up for him
exposing my weak spots
a perfect place
to throw a dagger
called lies

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