Ullus Partum Est Verum In Ipsum.

My poetry has no form, because like poetry, I am formless. Everything I am is changing at all times.... so in this mode, all my poetry is but a glimpse of a single moment, or feeling, or idea.
You are getting a snap shot into someones soul at any given moment. You are getting a peek at something that is already gone. Like old stars, we only see the light from something already altered. Like old stars poetry gives us a way to trace back feelings and connect..... on a very human level.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fell Into Place (LunaVega 2010)

life is strange
your heart tells you one thing
and your mind another
but your heart is always right
and that is where poetry comes from
and now I am forced to form sentences
because my heart deems is so
like its making me tread up hill
in some wintry hell
so here is what it wants me to say

I cant help but accepting the natural course
i cant help but being who I am
and you being you
and me being forgiving
and you finally saying whats true
when i saw you again
and our eyes met
it was like a gear that was slightly off
had clicked into place
I had such a wobble in my soul
unbalanced without you in my life
and every damn time I tried to deny it
the wobbel would get worst
and I compensated and rigged things well
so that to teh outside worl
I looked like I was running fine
but my soul was telling me the entire time
"give it a chance... this is not done....its meant to be"
and I cant deny your hearts strong gravity
I cant push you away
no matter how badly it hurt
and I will be so careful now
and plant my feet in the dirt
and instead of being a line of ivy
I will be the steadfast tree
but you can cut my twig
and still see the green
which is really red
I am growing now without you
but I would rather grow together
my soul told me the other day
"Be honest with yourself, what do you really want?"
and I looked onto the night lake
and saw the ripples reflect the distant lights
and I thought to myself
"I want the other half of my soul back"
so you see
I cant help but be me
and you cant help but be you
but oh god....
do we have a lot of talking to do.

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