Ullus Partum Est Verum In Ipsum.

My poetry has no form, because like poetry, I am formless. Everything I am is changing at all times.... so in this mode, all my poetry is but a glimpse of a single moment, or feeling, or idea.
You are getting a snap shot into someones soul at any given moment. You are getting a peek at something that is already gone. Like old stars, we only see the light from something already altered. Like old stars poetry gives us a way to trace back feelings and connect..... on a very human level.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

It Is What It Is....(LunaVega 2010) (Subject: LIFE & LOVE)

I see children walk by
and I see mothers holding babies
and I see fathers clasping hands
with mothers
and I see toddlers toddling along
and I think to myself
where do I belong?
I have only felt the urge once
when I looked into his eyes
but that ember was murdered
with all the lies
and now I look at children
and just sigh
because I dont see myself as a mother
without him by my side

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