Ullus Partum Est Verum In Ipsum.

My poetry has no form, because like poetry, I am formless. Everything I am is changing at all times.... so in this mode, all my poetry is but a glimpse of a single moment, or feeling, or idea.
You are getting a snap shot into someones soul at any given moment. You are getting a peek at something that is already gone. Like old stars, we only see the light from something already altered. Like old stars poetry gives us a way to trace back feelings and connect..... on a very human level.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sparrow (LunaVega 2009 (c) ) (SUBJET: Fantasy)

There once was a smooth white ball
that floated like a feather to my lap
and it was incandescent and silent
and vibrated with good cheer
and I touched it with the tips
of my fingers
delicate swirls of ink did suddenly appear
and they formed into tiny words
"what ever you want"
and so I set my hope in there
and imagined a cage
but no cage would appear
instead it turned into a sparrow
that stole a strand of hair
and it took to gentely sailing off
with a little part of me

Friday, March 19, 2010

It Is What It Is....(LunaVega 2010) (Subject: LIFE & LOVE)

I see children walk by
and I see mothers holding babies
and I see fathers clasping hands
with mothers
and I see toddlers toddling along
and I think to myself
where do I belong?
I have only felt the urge once
when I looked into his eyes
but that ember was murdered
with all the lies
and now I look at children
and just sigh
because I dont see myself as a mother
without him by my side

Monday, March 15, 2010


long ago....
the word WOMEN was good.
fertility was a sign of life
breasts were a treasure
because they gave life
full hips
gave pleasure
brought forth
new beginnings
infants crying
a miracle a man
could not make
with all the gold
in babylonia
or summeria
or in the Olmec lands
the female
was appreciated
it was concentrated
in culture
that WOMEN
was GOOD.
but today
women are so thin
they can not
hips so fragile
you dare not touch them
for intimacy
bodies constructed
in a laboratory
trying to cultivate
only flattery
are now
for cum shots
on a dvd
of sprouting
the divine seeds
and yet at the same time
the same men and cultures
who subject us
to this duality
include in their paradigm
of us...
the blessed virgin
kind and forgiving
innocent to the core
pure and
doe eyed
and martyred
on the daily grind
giving our dreams over
to be smashed to a pulp
and lifting those men around us
How amusing...
at night...
oh how the tables turn
to play the part
of mary magdelin
pleasing and sucking
and licking
and fucking
we are the nasty lady you desire


Oh it was WE who took the apple?
brought the terrible curse
and the first verse
Yes..... I see how it is...
so easy to blame a women
who is busy nurturing your children
playing father
when the father
is NOWHERE to be found
dealing with hypocrites
and idiots
who only see the packaging
hands for weaving
jacking you off?

Where is the super-conscious?
Where is the mitochondrial inference
that should be passed down
in our being
that women ARE GOOD?

The archytype of women?
Where has it gone?
Lost to gender roles
or gender confusion
or maybe indecision
from mysterious and
to pornography
dildoes and filthy toes
slicking out from silletos
in a dark strip club
sold into bondage
in factories
and brothels
where has the good
and respect
from the WORD

Into the ground I guess
where all things
return to
when they die.

Dangerous Women (BY LunaVega (c) 2009) (SUBJECT: Women)

Dont you see?
You are living this life
too dangerously....
Indiscriminate in your choice
of who you let in between your legs
playing dice every night and day
"its just sex"
I know thats what you say
but your just not thinking
when down-you-a-lay
Dont you know your throwing
your self respect away?
Dont pretend for a minute
you dont get attached
we all like sex
but you cant catch a man
like that
You think hes going to buy the cow
when he gets the milk for free?
You think he wants to bring a ho home
To meet his mommy?
Your living fast and hard
a beautiful car crash
I cant look away,...
your a bad hand of cards
I know some things happened
to jade you this way
some man hurt you...
but this isn't how you make them pay
maybe its yourself you are punishing
because they dont have to say
"I love you"
at the end of the day
no attention on you
when the deed is done
they leave you alone
after you polish their gun
because see whether they admit it or not
all guys want
the whole package
and all your showing them
your so strong and worth your weight in gold
but you sold
yourself way to short
dangerous...young women....
You think whats between your legs
is where you hold your power
but it only holds power
when its not gone sour
from anger
or fear
or stds

dont be an angry cunt

Thats right I said Cunt.
Cunt means womb...
and you have left yourself no room
to feel peace
cause you cant fill a hole in your heart
with some dick in your draws
dont use your vagina
as a weapon
or a wishing stone
letting some man rub on you
like your gona get luck
from his wish bone....
you have more to you
then you let on
be resilient
and leave that light on
make him get to know you
before you drop that thong
make him dance with you
to some slow songs
learn about what he likes
before you you get it wrong
because men want a lady in the streets...


a freak in the bed.

Outa My System (By LunaVega (C) 2009) (SUBJECT: LOVE)

You used to be my favorite drug
something I would inject
if I felt so inclined
you used to be a hit of ecstasy
making me feel heat
all through my body
you used to be sweet sugar
and taurine
and ginseng
pouring down my throat
tantalizing my nervous system
with all the stories and poems you wrote
you used to be a swig of wild turkey
relaxing and smooth and earthy
something I could relate too
jazzing me up with your humor
and a little bit of raw crudeness
But the you just turned to phen-phen
crushing my heart when
you were supposed to be doing me well
and when I think of you now...
your just a dose of ambien
boring the shit out of me
making me exhausted
from avoiding your ass
Im glad Im detoxed from you now
I think I can finally say your out of my system
and I can be done with you
a toxic thing I should have avoided
from the first.

Sensual Chemistry ( By LunaVega (c) 2009 ) (SUBJECT: LOVE)

I could say sweet things
and write lines 
about how we touch and
my mind boggles
at how such as delicious piece of man
could end up in bed with me
but we both know its love
and we both know its also
see I think your body
and my body
want each other
regardless of what we want
i know this because when we sleep
and I breath in your breath
it is the most sumptuous smell
like vanilla and earth
and it draws me to your warmth
like your a ray of sunshine on a sill in winter
and I the last ladybug indoor looking for ultraviolet
I could write about
passion and how you make me melt 
in between the knees
I could write about the sweat we pour on each other
and about how i love to drop to my knees
but its more about that sense of safety 
and that precious resource of confidence you inspire in me
when you tell me you want me
and you say it like
I am your last meal on death row
inspiring in me a lust that cant be contained
sometimes when you sleep
and I try to sleep 
I struggle because the weight of your arm
feeling your weight, masculine form
your skin is so soft
and I catch the light coming in from the moon
and it dances very softly on your features
that I want to wake you
and I am torn between the need to let you sleep
and get the rest your deserve
and this thunderous tornado of need
bombarding me
instead I calm myself....
try to slow my breathing
but instead of see images of you over me
kissing me
your shoulders
my moans
its more then I can handle
I get a glass of water and try to drink them away
see I could be a lier and say that our love
is the only thing that draws me to you
but I really think 
our bodies want 
each other
because when I awake
we are breathing on the same pattern
as though even when we are unconscious
and I am touching you
my person belongs in sync with you....
whether is be in laughter
or gyrations on bed sheets
we have a sensual chemistry
that I can not explain 
in anything but poetry
and its something I don't think I would have
with anyone but you
ever again.

Heavy By LunaVega (c) 2009 (SUBJECT: Emotions)

Have you ever felt truly heavy?
As you were laying down
thinking about life
a deep black hole
starts spinning in your chest
and it just keeps sucking
and pulling in all this darkness
and sadness
and you feel crushed
and you can not breath
and you feel like screaming
but,... no sound will come out...
Have you ever felt so heavy
that you were sure
while you were not paying attention
someone turned you from flesh and blood
into a piece of lead
dirty and gritty
easily malleable to take the shape
of heartache?
Have you ever felt so heavy
that you instantly felt ill
your hands lost feeling
numbness spread over your toes and arms
lost in a spinning realm
of all your insecurities
and failures
and pain so deep
its like a semi jack-knifed into you
and pinned you against a highway wall
Have you ever felt so heavy
that you could do
almost nothing
at all?

Science By LunaVega (c) 2009 (SUBJECT: Life )

clocks and microscopes
dividing and classifying
blue eyes become brown
brown eyes become green
damaging reality
bending molecules
to the obscene
genres and families
and genomes and neurons
deciding who we are
maybe planted by
some distant stars
long dead by now
im not the only one
whos loosing it
yes, the black and white
may need a little shade of grey
science for the sake of improvement
science for the sake of intelligence
rely only on facts
leave out the intuition
a situation
we cant condition
in humans......

Cauterizing a Wound By LunaVega (c) 2009 ( SUBJECT: Love )

I'm bleeding out
I cant stop the gushing
I have tried being optimistic
and hopeful that love is real
and i just keep crushing
this artery
hoping it will stop bleeding
and feeding
this needing
to be made whole again
I need to find something
to cauterize this wound
something that will sooth
and make me think hope is alive
that someone somewhere
will not just instantly
give up on me
or leave me to be brushed
because I am on life support
at this moment in time
my blue blood turning red
when it hits the air
spraying uncontrollably
all because
you gave up on me
so very
I need something to cauterize this wound
but there is nothing to stop
my heart from dying
protect it
from lieing
and cheating
and the heavy bouts of crying
I gave it my all
and my all was not enough
I gave up my soul
should have made it
more tough
so now I have one more scar
that I will have to maintain
because he just fizzled away
with absolutely
nothing to say

Silence By LunaVega © 2009 ( SUBJECT: love )

It is silent.
I am still.
and....I am so empty....
If you put your ear to my chest
you would hear the wind
whistling through the hollow rungs
that used to be there
to hang my heart....
but my heart is gone
it was stolen
by a man whom I loved
more completely then oceans
smooth great boulders
and more deeply
then the deepest fault lines
and he did find faults
in me
for me
of us
and that heart he took
and that heart he left
on the sidewalk
for someone else
and now it is cracked
and covered with debris
and it wont work
at all correctly
He was a silken ribbon
I could wrap around myself
in troubled times
but he left me troubled
for all time
a shattered garage
where a bit of hope
used to be parked
a beloved dress
burnt with an iron
ruined for all who see it
and want to hold it
there after
and into his arms I pray I will fall
but he would not catch me
and the gravity of that truth
in this silence
in this midnight air
is more then I can dare
live with